There are so many property management companies. Why should I choose Windy City?

Windy City not only provides highly competitive rates, but also demonstrates a strong dedication to surpassing customer expectations. By partnering with Windy City, you gain direct access to the business owners themselves, facilitating open communication and an engaged, personalized approach to effectively managing your most valuable assets.

Does a lower price mean lower level of service?

Absolutely not! We’ve heard one too many stories of Property Managers gone rogue, or occupants gone wild! We believe that exceptional Property Management should be accessible to all property owners and occupants. That’s why we offer transparent and affordable pricing that allows you to benefit from our industry experience without breaking the bank.

Is your fee really just 8%? Is there a catch?

No catch! Our management fee is just 8% on rent collected. All-Inclusive, no additional costs.

How is rent collected and how often am I paid?

Rent is collected at the frequency set out in the Tenancy Agreement (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and is held in our secure Trust Account. For our owners convenience, all folios are paid out on Fridays, every week!

How is maintenance at my property handled?

Maintenance can be routine, tenant reported, or agent reported. Windy City work quickly to determine what the problem is, and whether or not a professional is required. Sometimes tenants can be talked through a remedy (e.g. tripped fuse), and sometimes our agents can attend to fix the issue (loose screws, sticky doors etc). Other times a professional is needed. We have a qualified, reliable team of experts that offer preferential service at discounted pricing to ensure the work is completed to the highest possible standard at fair prices. What they charge, is what you’ll pay. We charge no maintenance premium on invoices, and a copy of the original invoice will always be provided to you with your statement each week.

How are Tenants selected?

Windy City are experienced in the art of connecting the right tenant to the right property. All prospective tenants will have credit, reference and background checks completed to ensure the information gathered matches that provided on the tenancy application.

What is Healthy Homes, and what do I need to do to make sure my home is a healthy one?

The Healthy Homes Standards, introduced in 2019, are minimum standards required for insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping. Every New Zealand rental property must meet these standards between 2021 and 2025. For more information about the specific requirements, and for an online tool to help indicate your property’s level of compliance visit

Do you have a minimum term?

When you sign up with Windy City, we ask for an initial 90-day term. After this, you can cancel any time with no charges or penalties.

What if I need to sell my rental while it’s tenanted?

The process depends on whether it is a Fixed or Periodic Tenancy. If your Tenants have a Fixed Term Tenancy, this cannot be ended early by either party unless by mutual agreement. The property can still be sold, with sitting tenants. Once sold, the new owners would become the landlords and take over the tenancy. If your Tenants have a Periodic Tenancy, 90-days notice can be issued prior to listing the property for sale, or once the property is unconditionally sold. Alternatively, the new owner becomes the landlord and takes over the tenancy. The new landlord can issue 63-day’s notice if they or an immediate family member will be moving into the property.

I want to grow my portfolio, is this something you can help with?

Windy City can help by providing rental appraisals for prospective properties. We have built excellent relationships with a number of experts that we can connect you with to help you reach your goals; Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Valuers, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Qualified Tradespeople for renovation and project management.

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